The Cotton Candy Collection

Our Cotton Candy collection was a sweet filled collection launched in 2014. 
The collection featured bold colours, accented with bows, lace and cat motifs. The main feature to the Cotton Candy collection was the lolita styled dress silhouette. 

For those unfamiliar with the Lolita style, it's a Japanese street fashion made popular in Japan in the 90s and spread worldwide in the mid 2000s. Heavily influenced by the Baroque and Rococo era, this collection borrows the eras styling such as Cupcake and A line skirts, Lace blouses, and throws in modern styling such as candy, bows and bold colours. 

Miss Kittiness Cotton Candy Collection
To celebrate our Cotton Candy collection, we put six models in six of our popular designs on the Raw Runway in Melbourne. 

The Maiden Jumperskirt: A full pleated cupcake shape skirt and a high cut bodice. Soft green cotton material with delicate flower print. Accented with yellow bows and yellow ribbon waist band.

The Kitten Jumperskirt: Black bell shaped skirt and a high cut Royal Blue bodice. Accented with velvet ribbons, a velvet waist band and a kitty motif.  
The Loulou Jumperskirt: